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 ORGANIZATION : Jaya Shree Textiles, Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited
 BRAND : Lenin Club

I know Ashwini for the last 20 years right from her earlier days at Arvind to her current position of Retail Consultant for Linen Club. Her passion, competence, professionalism & integrity are remarkable and these qualities are inherent to her. She radiates enthusiasm always and keeps all around her totally engaged.

She is very hands on for a consultant and becomes member of the team rather than an outsider. She not only updates her knowledge consistently but also ensure it is passed on to the organization she is working with. She will be a top class asset to any organization.

S.Krishnamoorthy, Ex-CEO Domestic Textiles, Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited

I have known Ashwini for last three years as a consultant for our Linen fabric business and she has played an important role in the rapid growth of “Linen Club” retail vertical through her industry knowledge and experience, commitment as a team member and not as a mere consultant, always going that extra mile to add value to the business. She would be an asset to any organization.

Mr. Jasvinder Kataria, SBU Head, Jaya Shree Textiles, Division of Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited

“There is an old saying, “Those who cannot do, teach.” With Ashwini the opposite is true, as she is one who has achieved; and she effectively, graciously, and professionally challenges those who benefit from her many years of hands-on retail experience. Given Ashwini’s inquisitive mind, and keeping in touch with international trends and benchmarks, she provides the ‘big picture’ to her clients with a level of detail that transcends theory to practice.”

Ken Nisch, Chairman of JGA Retail Design & Brand Strategy, Detroit, USA
 ORGANIZATION : Baggit, Mumbai
 BRAND : Baggit (Ladies handbags & accessories)

“Ashwini has been tremendous help in mapping our growth for the last eight years, pushing me and our team to achieve targets. And really taking up the entire responsibility of us achieving numbers that we couldn't fathom or comprehend about. Her vision is fabulous and she pushes it to the last stage of implementation, whether it be for our ERP or Sales team.”

Nina Lekhi, Owner

"Ashwini helped us crack the right business model to grow rapidly in sales with large format retailers. She also minutely analysed what works for us and translated it into a working blueprint for exclusive retail outlets. Our confidence grew in expansion. She has been a true teacher to the team, making us understand the process of retail ops & getting the best out of each one of us."

Mr. Vicky Ahuja Head-Sales

"Ashwini always analysed sales data very minutely, showed us sales insights and how we could use them in launching campaigns/promotions & in their evaluations afterwards. Her grasp of all things software is simply great and she guided us whether in CRM or in e-commerce. "

Ms. Sapna Ahuja, Marketing Head
 ORGANIZATION : Alok Industries Limited, Mumbai
 BRAND : H&A (Value fashion)

"Ashwini's domain knowledge is sharp, focussed and devoid of commonplace jargon. She is candid in her views with an ability to listen and deliver reliable solutions."

Mr. Dilip Jiwrajka, Managing Director

"Ashwini contributed much in choosing and implementing our first retail software solution. She helped us to define our business processes and then map our requirements with various applications. Her in-depth functional knowledge helped us to make our requirements very comprehensive and choose the best mapped software."

Mr. Shaji Varghese, Head-I.T.

"Ashwini impressed us with her grasp of the subject matter and an uncanny knack of adopting a practical approach to situations."

Mr. Sunil Mehta, Vice President
 ORGANIZATION : Shirt Company (India) Limited, Mumbai
 BRAND : Barbie (Clothing for girls)

"Ashwini's help has been invaluable in steering the business towards greater stock discipline, efficient retail operations and reducing value losses. Her expertise is multi-fold, she is a people person –works hands-on with them and her straightforwardness is a great quality to work with."

Mr. Ashwin Shetty, C.E.O.
 ORGANIZATION : Malhar Décor LLP, Mumbai
 BRAND : Malhar (Home décor)

"Ashwini helped us launch our brand in retail. Within a year we were retailing from 40 locations. She is helping us in strategizing, planning, pricing, design, operations, software, the works! I also vouch for her integrity, professional ethics and commitment".

Ms. Sneha Rane, Managing Partner
 ORGANIZATION : Craftsbridge, Pune
 BRAND : Craftsbridge

"Ashwini Gulanikar helped Craftsbridge to develop their Indian Retail Sales channel. She was very focussed and knowledgeable in her approach. She is practical and manages to get results! It's a pleasure to work with her."

Ms. Shibani Dasgupta, Managing Partner Baaya Design (presently), Ex-CEO Craftsbridge
 Retail Design Specialists

"We regularly work and collaborate with Ashwini on different projects. Her wealth of experience in retail operations and details she goes into is quite helpful in bringing out real pain points of brand and retailers/consumers.Its quite fun working with Ashwini"

Mr. Sanjay Agarwal, Managing Director
 ORGANIZATION : Insight, Bengaluru
Retail Design Specialists

Have been working with Ashwini since about eight years now and we have engaged each other on different sides of the table for different projects. Whether for a national VM SOP project for Levi's or as retail identity projects - apart from the knowledge and firm grasp over the nitty gritties of retail scenario, what remains with me is her unmatched integrity - for her brand, for her clients, and for the project brief she has been given. which extends to her willingness to get deeply involved and dirty her hands so that she can always deliver nothing short of her best for the project.

Ms. Seemaa Sameith, Partner Insght (presently), Ex-Retail Design Head- Levi's
 ORGANIZATION : Logic ERP Solutions Pvt Ltd, Chandigarh
 Software Solution Providers

"I've seen Ashwini's work in retail since last 7 odd years. She knows how to get most out of technology for business issues, is a great spokesperson for the users and I find her a thorough professional."

Mr. Swarndeep Singh, Managing Director
 ORGANIZATION : Jones Lang Lasalle, Mumbai
 Real Estate Services Firm

“Ashwini has always impressed me with her depth of knowledge about the retail market, and her ability to identify the right market triggers for a wide swatch of diverse clients. Her knowledge of Indian retail is formidable and stands her in good stead in her work.”

Mr. Shubhranshu Pani, Managing Director – Retail Services