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Foray in Organized Retail

Issues on hand

This apparel retailer had a network of 15 exclusive showrooms in South India but lacked a sizeable presence in large format retailers. Although the brand had begun its business before the advent of organized retail, it has missed out on the departmental stores.


It was important to create a professional communication regarding the brand and get an audience with the concerned category managers in leading departmental stores such as Shoppers’ Stop, Lifestyle, Central, Reliance Trends etc.

The pitch had to bring out the brand’s strengths and give assurance that it had systems and processes in merchandise management to handle the organized retail business operations.


A brand presentation was created to highlight the brand’s product range, the mix between men and women, average pricing in each product category and sub-category : during fresh seasons and discount seasons, the space it would need at the organized retailer and the inventory volume & value it would hold any point of time. Brand’s readiness in handling retail by way of having the right organization structure in operations, universal GS1 coding of items and its attributes was presented as well. Furthermore, a quadrant plot was made on axes of Sales value v/s Sale Price showing brand’s position among other competing brands, clearly demonstrating its position among them. The leverage it had in its parent exporting company was emphasized to bring out its attention to product quality and finish of the item.


Result was that meetings were granted at large format retailers where the brand could carry its entire product range and showcase the same to relevant category managers.