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Retail Identity Design

Issues on hand

The premium textile retailer had over 70 exclusive brand showrooms entirely operated by franchisees where the investment in retail interiors and stocks were made by the franchisee. A broad guideline on layout of the store specifying simple glass shelving and a certain colour shade of wood to be used was shared with the franchisee. The retail identity was more functional and did not communicate any brand story or personify what the textile brand stood for. It did not appeal to modern consumer’s taste. Also there was much room left to the franchisee to adapt retail design to individual taste thus leading to various versions of the retail identity across the country.


Market survey that was already carried out earlier clearly stated the psychographic profiling of the consumer for the premium brand. The brand campaigns so far had highlighted authentic European connection around the brand. A retail identity that stood as equal to modern retail in fashion was sought and one that took the brand experience to resonate with its positioning. Other commercial factors such as merchandise density required per square foot had a bearing on the format size too. Even ease of handling the merchandise from the point of view of the sales staff was addressed.


Various retail design firms were called from India and international firms that had a presence or alliance in India to present their credentials. A brief was made for them detailing brand personality-its origin, legacy, how it was introduced in India – how did it compare in pricing and appeal against others, its market leading position, consumer profiling (from the survey), merchandise –it categories, its bespoke tailoring feature, moments of truth in consumer interaction from fabric purchase through to tailored garment, how fabric retail was typically done in India and its shortcomings.


Through the pitches made by the design firms and their prior work visible in Indian market, evaluation was carried out and top 2 were shortlisted to finally select one based on their technical capability of execution and sourcing of materials in Indian market.


Result was a much novel retail identity was created, hitherto unseen in Indian markets where customer can move about and touch, feel the fabric on his own, without having to rely on the counter salesman to pull out ‘fabric bales’ from behind him which are always stacked slantingly. The layout, material & colour palette, places for exclusive customer consulting, tailoring lounge etc created a retail experience befitting the present times and one that was world class.